Our Mission

The Problem

In our increasingly digital world, the study of technology is more important than ever. Computer science provides students with both hard and soft skills that are invaluable in the development of logical and creative thinking for the modern economy. 

Only 45% of American high schools teach computer science. In New Jersey, less than half offer an AP Computer Science course, and many schools that do offer computer science fail to excite students about the potential that technology has to improve the world around us. 

Put simply, there is a lack of opportunity throughout our educational system. 

The Solution

We want to change that, and do it right here in Jersey. 

That’s why on April 13th, 2023, we are hosting our sixth annual hackathon and technology conference at St. Peter's Prep High School in  Jersey City: MakeSPP. 

130+ high school students will turn their ideas into reality, working together in small teams to create a unique project over the course of the entire day. The choice is on the maker to venture in any desired direction. At the end of the day, a group of judges will determine the best projects and prizes will be distributed accordingly. 

Participants gain skills not only in programming, design, and entrepreneurship, but have the opportunity to enhance their problem- solving abilities, gain self-confidence, and improve their presentational skills. 

MakeSPP is not just for experienced programmers and technical wizards. Whether a student has made dozens of projects already or has never written a line of code in their lives, MakeSPP is accessible and available to all. All students will be able to attend workshops on programming and entrepreneurship, while working with a team of mentors to guide their journey throughout the day. 

We are committed to including students of all backgrounds, and we strongly encourage the registration of women and traditionally underrepresented groups. Programming is a universal language, and we believe that absolutely no one should be left out

Last year, we brought 130+ participants from multiple states, learning and collaborating on various projects throughout the day. On April 13th, 2024, we hope to again provide a productive day of fun-filled learning and making. We heard from incredible speakers and connected students with mentors and industry professionals to assist them in their technology journeys. There were many awesome projects including an AI neural network to diagnose heart problems and an operating system based on Tor's Onion routing system for a private desktop experience.